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  • Call:    011-46574103

• What format should I submit my work?
You can send your work in any format you like. Whether it is in word format, power point or even pdf file, we charge the same and offer the same quality of services
• How do I order multiple pieces?
Well, to avoid confusion or lack of enough information, we recommend that you do separate orders for each. This way, your order will not get mixed up.
• What kind of paper will you use for my order?
At Printsky.in, we use several types of paper for printing. We have different sheets depending on quality and also size. Nevertheless, we follow our clients' specifications to the point.
• How long does it take to get my order?
At Printsky.in, we are always efficient and fast in providing our services. However, we also consider quality. We deliver immediately we are done working on your order.
• Can my graphic designer upload my files separately?
Anytime you place an order with us and specify that you will be having another person upload your files, we respect that. If you want our graphic designers to upload the files for you and do it separately, then we honor your wishes
• Must I visit your Store to get my printing done?
No, you do not have to come all the way to our store to submit your order. You just have to contact us through our mobile phone contacts or get us online. We also do deliveries right at your doorstep
• Do you have type setting trials?
Here at Printsky.in, we offer typesetting trials which we send electronically. These trials help us in assuring our client of our typesetting quality.
• Do you have any restrictions when it comes to storage media?
We accept all types of storage media from CDs, DVDs, or even Flash Drives.
• Are there discounts what so ever?
We offer discounts to our clients, we consider the size of the order or if the clients are doing a re-order.
• Can I call any change any specification from my order?
Yes, you can. If you want to change information or any specifications on your order, feel free to do so, we will deliver the type document you want.